Fact: Offering more payment options to consumers lead to more sales and higher sales amounts.

Fact: Three out of four consumers making a major purchase always seek financing.

Fact: Nearly half of consumers that use financing say they would not have made the purchase if financing was not available.

Fact: Seventy-percent of consumers that use financing say they search for businesses that offer financing before making contact with one.

With Flexxbuy, your customers,

SUBMIT One Loan Application, Many Lending Partners, Instant Decision.

OBTAIN Real Time Pre-qualification – Offers In A Matter Of Seconds.

RECEIVE Fast Funding In As Little As One Day.

Offering customer financing is no longer a luxury for a business. It really is a necessity.

People that could be your customer fall into one of three categories.

One, they have the cash and/or credit card(s) and are comfortable using it.

Two, they have access to credit card(s) but they have limited availability or prefer not to max it out.

Three, they don’t have cash or available credit cards that can be used.

As we now know all too well, most people in the US fall into the latter categories. If your business is strong, and hopefully it is, imagine how it can grow if you gave those consumers that want or need financing an option. After all, currently, they are likely going to your competitors or staying out of the market entirely.

Flexxbuy’s goal is to provide any business with customer financing options. Even those businesses that have been considered undesirable by tradition lenders. And we’re not a one-size fits all solution. We will design a program based on your needs and program availability. In almost every case, we can provide, at minimum, a platform consisting of multiple lenders that will approve all kinds of credit and financing profiles. 

Here are some of the highlights:

One Easy Online Application.

Best Offers From Multiple Lenders In Seconds.

Interest Rates Start At 4.9%

Loan Amounts From $1,000 To $50,000

Checking Rates Won’t Affect Credit Score.

Drive People To Your Business That Would Otherwise Stay Home Or Go Elsewhere.

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