Help Reduce the Spread of Viruses, Bacteria, and Infectious Diseases

Help Create a Safe and Healthier Environment

Contact us for your free consultation to find out how you can help keep your customers safe and healthy. Our EcoPro Products give you the opportunity to address health concerns while adding additional revenues to your business.


Dow Corning Technology used and developed for the Aerospace Industry. It physically bonds to the surface, destroying microorganisms present and creating a durable anti-microbial barrier to give long-term protection. It is highly durable, long lasting and EPA registered.

50 million people in the US today suffer from airborne allergens. Let’s give our customers an allergy package for their cars.

 Mold
 VOC’s
 Mildew
 Pets
 Dust Mites
 Pollen

Our customers already want our products and have our products

 70% of women use sanitizers on a daily basis
 Hand sanitizer growth is up 70% over last year
 It’s likely someone that gets in your car will have allergies

Providing innovative products

A new and disruptive technology that helps secure your dealership relationship
 The only product available that triggers an emotional and value sale
 Our products sanitize and reset vehicles back to better than factory specifications
 Think of our allergy package for cars as a flu shot or antivirus for your computer

Our products use EPA registered formulas. EPA registered products that make claims undergo similar scrutiny as the medical industry for use with products for human contact.
If it is good enough for the NFL, athletic programs and emergency transport vehicle’s it should be good enough for your car.
Examples of our products in use: Ebola transport vehicles, including aircraft and other emergency vehicles, The Tampa Bay Bucks, University of Virginia, and most G3 private jets to mention a few.

Contact us and ask about other products and services now offered to support our community cope and fight against the spread of COVID-19. We are working together to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone who lives our community.