GPS tracking web and mobile app is the best reliable tool to monitor the movement and tracking your vehicles. Dealerships across the country trust our GPS Technology when it comes to tracking and locating their vehicles.

When you need to locate a vehicle fast, our GPS system offers the best live tracking devices and apps to help you reduce your potential loses and be more effective in recovering your vehicle.

Quick Map overview on the Main Screen

With help of a satellite map, vehicle position and list of your vehicles, its easy to track every single movement and monitor your vehicles in real time as well as drivers. The precise map will provide information on screen with list and an online map.

The map interacts with the vehicle list due to its scalability. You can simply click the vehicle on list and its current position will be automatically highlighted.

Car Dealerships and Buy Here Pay Here Dealers

The equipment used by our system is the leading GPS tracking device on the market today. Protect your new vehicle sale or financed transactions by becoming a part of our family of satisfied clients.

Our mapping software lets you locate your car through online software. Our GPS anti-theft system is in high demand by car dealers. Don’t rely on companies that use outdated technology and require a third party to recover your vehicle. You can instantly locate and recover your vehicles with our anti-theft devices.

With the state of our economy, there are now between 70 million and 87.5 million people in the United States with a credit score below 650. This means there are extra risks in financing. Those risks can be reduced by using our GPS tracker. Why not protect your Dealership assets by installing a GPS device. You can simply locate the vehicle from your computer and recover it.

Let us take care of the worry and install our GPS auto theft devices in all of your BHPH vehicles today.

We offer special pricing exclusively for auto dealers. If you own a new or used car dealership, join our GPS Tracking program today.

  • No Monthly Fees – No contracts
  • Back Up Battery
  • Tow Alert
  • Starter Disable – Hardwired Only
  • Address Verification
  • Unlimited Service
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Tamper Alert
  • Easy Install – Prewired OBDII Harness Available

For a No Strings Attached presentation to see how you can take advantage of this program TODAY!