Driven by our mission and backed by the stability of auto lending partners, we help our dealers provide their customers the ability to drive the quality cars and trucks they deserve.

Our lending partners’ goal is not to replace any lender with whom you are currently doing business. With their common sense approach to funding contracts for customers who may have been denied by other lenders, we believe we can provide dealers with the ability to add another 5-10 deals per month. Our excellent customer service will give you confidence you have chosen the right partnership

We offer flexible lending programs that do not decide deals solely on credit score. We take a common sense approach to all applications.

Have you ever had a customer that you felt was qualified for a car loan, but was denied? Our partners are passionate problem solvers. We take a close look at the individual, not just the numbers. When we have questions, we interview customers to give them the opportunity to tell the story behind their past credit challenges. If a customer has a stable job and a common sense story, we will try to find a way to help them.

We bring you the lending sources that enable customers with challenged credit to access auto loan funds they might not have access to from other lenders. By becoming one of our approved dealers, you can get more applications approved and close more sales!