StaplePOS restaurant online ordering system is for any type of restaurant or food related business. Restaurants of all types, catering companies, bakeries etc. use our online ordering system for their ordering needs.  Don’t pay crazy high commissions for online ordering.

Simple and Straight Forward Pricing. Our online ordering system cost is very simple & straight forward. We don’t hide anything. No hidden fees! Everything is displayed below for you so you can see for yourself & make an informed decision. For less than $0.75 per day, our entry level plan gives you everything you need to successfully launch your restaurant’s online ordering system. Also scroll down all the way to see all features!

What’s Included In Our Pricing

Our online ordering system costs include: full website with online ordering, mobile friendly website with built in online ordering, hosting, SSL security certificate, ability for your customers to pay online all built into 1 system. You DO NOT need to even have another website, you can use our system and save on hosting fees, web designer fees etc. Not to forget, saving 1000s from not paying commissions to food ordering portals.

Current Price Promotions due to the current conditions.